5 Myths about Marriage Single Ladies Believe

1. You need to know how to cook - I've noticed many young ladies who believe you need to know how to cook to be ready for marriage. So not true! You need to be willing to learn. In the day and age we live in, it is really easy to look up a recipe online or get a recipe book. You just need to be willing to learn. Being a good cook does not equal marriage readiness.

2. The "honeymoon stage" means fireworks everyday - Before I got married my mom told me "Remember, you are two different people with different opinions". Living with somebody new takes some adjusting. Remember you're learning how to live, and deal with somebody other than yourself and your family. The truth is that you will have some tense moments as the two of you are getting used to each other. All healthy of course!

3. Marriage makes you complete - Marriage does not make you complete. Jesus does - getting married does not change that. If two people love God, and let Him make them complete. Imagine how much stronger they can be when they become one!

4. You need to be less independent to be marriage material - This is a tricky one. I remember my dad telling me that mature, educated women intimidated men. Truth is, they intimidate boys (can somebody say ouch?). An education, maturity, and independence (not hardheadedness), does not disqualify you from being marriage material. Now, the humility of a woman is a different thing.  Nobody wants a woman who is throwing her successes in your face daily and making you feel like you aren't enough. Just sayin'.

5. Your future husband will be perfect - Are you, as a future wife perfect? No ma'am. I sure wasn't, I sure aint. The key is finding somebody who has flaws you can live with. *insert thumbs up emoji here*.

There are definitely many many more, but these are only a few. Have a nice week !


  1. This is so on point!!
    My mom and I were just talking bout #1 this weekend. Someone use to tell me that all the time before I met Rene.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Our 25th anniversary is in a couple of weeks and I've been thinking about writing a lessons learned post. Yes to all of these!

    1. Sis McElhaney, you should write the blog post! And then I can feature you on my blog, since ya know, you have a little more expertise in this area ;)

  3. Good post, Anali! I especially like #3. A lot of people think they need another person or even things to make them complete, but God is the only One who makes us complete.

    Colossians_2:10 And ye are complete in him,(Jesus) which is the head of all principality and power:

    Thanks for what you shared here!


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