After The Approval But Before The "I Do".

I was recently reading some of my old relationship blog posts from my abandoned blog.
Like "What Nobody Talks About When You're Engaged" and "Love Isn't Enough"   (which I still wholeheartedly believe for you single folk).

Which got me thinking about a few things that happen after the approval of the leadership in ones life (Pastor and Family).

Before you keep reading you have to understand that I don't believe in the whole "there is only one person who is the will of God for you" idea.

I personally think that God wants us as Apostolics to marry somebody who believes the same as us. Is baptized, has the holy ghost, lives a holy separated life, ect. And the rest is up to us.

I mean if you don't want to spend the rest of your life married to somebody who can't chew with their mouth closed, then don't. If that makes sense.

And in a gist, that is what this post is about -marrying somebody that YOU want to be with the rest of your life.

Remember that courting is about finding out if that particular person you are interested in is a match for you. This means that just because a courtship ends, it does not mean that it was unsuccessful. It might actually mean the opposite - courting worked and you were able to see they were not a match for you.

I understand sometimes it is hard to see through the cloud of emotion and the whole lovey dovey stuff, but like I mentioned above - Love is not enough.

Remember the best we get is when we are dating, and honestly, it is not fair to your spouse if you ask them to change something you knew they were doing before you were married.

It's like marrying a drunk and expecting them to change just because you married them.

And this sets you up for an unhappy marriage.

So do yourself a favor, and if you see a character flaw that you personally can't live with (jealousy, anger, arrogance ect.) end the relationship - even if the world around you  wants you to be with that person.

Btw guys, I've had a baby! I will do a life post some other time lol